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Twenty-one Fantasias on Sacred Tunes for Unaccompanied Flute

Hymn arrangements for solo flute, unaccompanied, [some for alto flute].  Arranged mostly in 2001 and 2002.

These hymn arrangements were written for an accomplished flute player.  Designed to utilize his skill, they include some challenging passages, which makes them not only interesting for the performer, but also delightful and appealing to listeners.



MY SONG SHALL BE OF JESUS - tune: "Nyland" traditional Finnish melody - view score - listen

WE GATHER TOGETHER - tune: "Kremser" Netherlands folk song,1625 - view score - listen

O THOU IN WHOSE PRESENCE (alto flute recommended) - tune: "Beloved" attributed to Freeman Lewis (1780-1859) ; 1 minute 55 seconds - view score - listen

MYJESUS I LOVE THEE - tune: "Gordon" by Adoniram J. Gordon (1836-1895); 2 minutes - view score - listen

ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL - tune: "Royal Oak" English traditional melody - view score - listen

ARISE, MY SOUL, ARISE - tune: "Nyt Ylös, Sieluni" Finnish folk tune - view score - listen

WHERE CROSS THE CROWDED WAYS OF LIFE (alto flute recommended) - tune: "Gardiner" from Wm. Gardiner's Sacred Melodies, 1815; 1 minute 36 seconds - view score - listen

SON OF GOD, ETERNAL SAVIOR - tune: "In Babilone" Dutch folk tune, 18th century - view score

AND CAN IT BE - tune: "Sagina" by Thomas Campbell, 1812;1 minute 57 seconds - view score - listen

O SING, MY SOUL, YOUR MAKER'S PRAISE - tune: "Finland" traditional Finnish Melody; 1 minute 33 seconds - view score - listen

WHEN I SURVEY THE WONDROUS CROSS (alto flute recommended) - tunes: "Rockingham Old" by Edward Miller, 1790; and "McCabe" by E. S. Widdemer (1824-1901); one minute 43 seconds - view score - listen


THERE IS A BALM IN GILEAD (uses low B foot) - African-American spiritual, first published in 1868; 3 minutes 6 seconds - view score - listen

I WANT JESUS TO WALK WITH ME (alto flute recommended) - African-American spiritual; 2 minutes 5 seconds - view score - listen

JOSHUA FIT THE BATTLE OF JERICHO (uses low B foot) - African-American spritual - view score

EVERY TIME I FEEL THE SPIRIT - African-American spiritual - view score


ALL THE WAY MY SAVIOR LEADS ME - tune: "Lowry" by Robert Lowery, 1874; 2 minutes 32 seconds - view score - listen

BLESSED ASSURANCE - tune: by Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp, 1873 - view score - listen


THE WEXFORD CAROL - Tune: "Enniscorthy," a traditional Irish carol from the County Wexford, probably from the 12th century - view score

JOSEPH DEAREST, JOSEPH MINE - tune: "Resonet in Laudibus," 14th century German carol - view score

NOW IS BORN THE DIVINE CHRIST-CHILD - tune: "Il est né," traditional French carol - view score


O SACRED HEAD, NOW WOUNDED (alto flute recommended) - tune: "Passion Chorale" by Hans Leo Hassler, 1601; 2 minutes 34 seconds - view score - listen

BREAK FORTH, O BEAUTEOUS HEAVENLY LIGHT - tune: "Ermuntre Dich" by Johann Schop, 1641 (1590-1664) - view score - listen

complete collection - $ 19.00
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