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Music Written for You

Need a piece of music?  For special occasions, ensembles or organizations, duos, trios, quartets, or other combinations of instruments?  Dr. Ashton enjoys writing music that fits, that makes the most of the musician's skills and delights the listener.  Let him write music designed for you and for your audience.   You can commission music to fit your occasion, your skills, or your ensemble, and at a very reasonable cost.

Time Frame

As a retired university professor, he is able to produce to fairly prompt deadlines, and particularly enjoys the challenge of unusual ensembles. Of course, the amount of time needed varies with the complexity of the composition. Get in touch early to be placed on the composer's working schedule.


For chamber music or a capella chorus, expect to pay approximately $120 per minute of performance time for original works; $80 per minute for arrangements. Original hymn tunes are priced at $100 each. Terms for larger ensembles will be negotiated.

Start the Process:  jba@jbruceashton.com