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Shepherds in Search of the Lamb of God

Christmas - SATB with guitar or piano; 1999

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text: Byron Herbert Reese, 1917-1958


Hush, is that a lamb I hear
Crying in the cold?"
"A lamb? No shepherd's fire is near
And neither pen nor fold."

"If not a lamb, what is it cries
Unhousen in the waste?"
"Perhaps it is the wind that sighs,
Now let us all make haste."
"Aye, aye, aye."

"Look, the stars have left the sky
And nestle in the boughs."
"Nay, but Bethlehem is nigh
And many a lighted house."

"Haste, and let us turn within
And after Christus call."
"Nay, he is not housed with men
But cradled in a stall."
"Aye, aye, aye."

"Hush, I hear the lowing kine
Tread gently on the straw."
"Haste, remember thou the sign
Given by him we saw!"

"See, the cattle stand and nod
Close by the Lady's feet."
"Look, the little Lamb of God
Cradled where oxen eat!"
"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

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