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The Adoration

Christmas - SATB with guitar or piano; 1999

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text: Byron Herbert Reese, 1917-1958


If I but had a little dress,
A little dress of the flax so fair,
I'd take it from my clothespress
And give it to Him to wear.

If I but had a little girdle,
A girdle stained with the purple dye,
Or green as grass or green as myrtle,
About His waist to tie.

If I but had a little coat,
A coat to fit a no-year old,
I'd button it close about His throat
To cover Him from the cold.

If I but had a little shoe,
A little shoe as might be found,
I'd lace it on with a sheepskin thew
To keep His foot from the ground.

If my heart were a shining coin,
A silver coin, or of gold,
Out of my side I'd purloin
And give it to Him to hold.

If my heart were a house also,
A house with room to spare,
I never would suffer my Lord to go
Homeless, but house Him there.

choral parts, each - $1.80 

guitar part - shipped free with each order of 10 or more choral scores.
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